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No One's Home! NBA 2011-2012 Opening night CANCELLED!

Empty NBA arenas are leaving fans...empty inside (Bild: Basketportal)


 The 2011-2012 NBA season might have started Tuesday if the negotiations and some clarifications regarding the salary cap split had not worsen last Friday. NBA Commissioner David Stern might have thought it was just a little fine tuning but it was not anticipated how it would turn out to cancel all games through November 30.

Labor negotiations fail with both sides refusing to agree on such a split issue. This makes matters worse since this issue has been around for a week. Sure thing for Stern’s concern is how to recoup the losses which will be expected to reach a hundred dollars having lockout in progress with up and down results.

"We're going to have to recalculate how bad the damage is," Stern said. "The next offer will reflect the extraordinary losses that are piling up now." Losses will reflect on how they got stuck on salary caps eventually turn out into a good idea against the worst idea and worst idea turned into a good idea. The fans are the real ones that are suffering, along with middle class people who work at the arenas. The ones who sell pop corn and hot dogs, or the ushers who help to their seats. I want those people to be back earning money and helping their families, not fighting over hundreds of millions of dollars with other rich guys!”

As recalled, the 1998-1999 season had also a lockout issue that brought demerit to the association and wasn’t able to complete the supposed 82 regular season games. Also, the season officially started on February 5, 1999 when a new 6 year Collective Bargaining Agreement was finalized and ended the lockout. It might turn out like this previous one, and might possibly be worse than this, or eventually a season being cancelled out.

Owners agreed on certain things like keeping the midlevel exception starting at $5 million a year. If players stay with their respective teams, contract lengths has to be five years but if they look for another one, it will be four. Although these are tentative agreements, this can give a little help to the negotiation between NBA officials, owners and players headed by union president, Derek Fisher. The NBA lockout isn’t just hurting the owners, and players, more importantly it’s hurting its fans.

Autor:  Christopher McCoy (Basketportal Worldwide, Artikel-Nr. 10969)

Angelegt am 02.11.2011 09:44.

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