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Basketball's Fear of Failing and the Future

Dirk Nowitzki isn't afraid to fail. He has made it: in his sport, in his profession, financially, and in his personal life. My life experience with Basketball and its players: Many are paralyzed by crippling anxiety and their hidden fear of failing. Its root lies in the discrepancy between the inner evaluation of values, skills, handicaps, and chances, and the real ability and public expectation. I have dealt with the fear of failing, its causes and its remedies, all of my life. A lot of players are caught up in their addiction to the game of Basketball. They say: “I love Basketball more than anything else in my life.” That's why they spend many years fulfilling their addiction instead of getting and education and a career. Thus, they ignore the future and only think about the playing presence. My life message to all basketball players: you will only survive as a player until the age of 30. Up to that point professional athletes in the BBL, Pro A, Pro B, or Regionalliga cannot save up enough money to last them for the rest of their lives. Most pro players waste their money: as travelers between boxes, suitcases, hopes, parties, and sluts. After that, however, life goes on for what often turns out to be another 50 years. But legs, feet, knees, joints, and tendons are often broken down and hurt till death. With what income does the former player have an option for the rest of his life? As a taxi driver? An assembly worker? A waiter? As an educator or coach in a club without money? That's why every basketball player needs a solid professional education when they are young; much more than amusement Basketball. That's why Basketball players have to let go of their addiction and fight their fixation on Basketball. Because that passion (without a professional education) leads to suffering later on. The older players get the more excuses they makes for not getting an education. They are ashamed to go back to school with the youngsters. Responsible basketballfunctionaries don't give their students false hopes of a Nowitzki career, but advocate a professional education. With a profession a player's soul regains reliance and self-confidence. Only then can a player become mature, viable, and mentally strong. Without this inner confidence the soul (psyche) and the body (soma) become sick in the long run. Therefore: Fight your Basketball addiction and give your energy and time to a good education, to a career, to the real life. Only then will the power of the sun shine into your heart again. Only then will the discrepancy between your true (inner) and your fake (outer) confidence disappear. The beautiful illusion is a lie and players will be players. The gold of your future is a good education and a wanted profession. Only those who change and transform will win the future and life. Werner Semmler 

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